17th and 18th December 2016 marked the most international National Platform in the history of ESN Lithuania: 15 guests from 7 different ESN countries as well as partners, stakeholders attended the meeting. First International Chair – Anthony Lowrey (ESN SWPS Warsaw) from Poland. A lot of reports presented, it showed how members of ESN Lithuania are involved in national and international levels of ESN.

National Platform 30 also known as the Fairytale National Platform was Organised with a great new cooperation of two sections from different cities , ESN LSMU and ESN ISM.
The Plenaries took place in ISM, Vilnius.

During the Social Evening we practiced our tradition of having Gift Exchange amongst our network.

Major Achievements of NP 30

  • Membership in NYC (LiJOT) approved.

  • Infomarket. To find out more about other sections’ activities.

  • AGM Country Delegate.Indrė Engelkytė (ESN Vilnius University), our current Projects and Events Manager, was elected as the Country delegate for the Lithuanian delegation during the upcoming AGM.

  • New National Event was presented. Bootcamp – National Educational Training event for incoming students.

  • Presentations of International Guests. Representatives of ESN Spain, ESN Austria, ESN Belarus, ESN Poland, ESN Czech Republic, ESN Estonia presented their countries, structure, activities and best practices. It helped members of ESN Lithuania to understand better how others work in the network.

  • Reports of the events attended. The following reports presented: BFC, Survival KIT Vol.5, CEP Pecs 2016, Sea Battle, HousErasmus+ conference, NBM Zagreb Report, CND Krakow report, International NP reports. (Latvia, Italy, Poland, etc)

There were many WS and SS held , many focussing on the MYC sessions , ESN Projects and implementation , also some were EDUK8 self development Sessions. All in all, all the delegates were Satisfied with what they recieved and said they will use it in the future to make their sections bigger and better.

The votings decided ESN KK as the OC for the next National Platform (NP31) of ESN Lithuania