ESN LSMU is considered to be one of the biggest sections in Kaunas, it being the 15th Section of ESN Lithuania with maximum involvement of international students and local students, taking care of more than 679 international students annually. As the number of Erasmus students is increasing so does the number of the active members of the Buddy system who are inevitable part of ESN mentoring team. Thus, we can guarantee more focused and personal approach towards each of them and at the same time it will allow us to participate in more challenging projects in the future. Each semester the section helps the incoming students after their arrival and in the cooperation with other sections in Kaunas it organizes trips, events and many other interesting activities which make the stay of foreign students in Lithuania an enjoyable and a memorable one.

Erasmus Student Network Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (ESN LSMU)  is a society for everyone who wants to be involved in the Erasmus and International scene in LSMU. The Erasmus students are European Students studying in LSMU, and we organise regular events, trips and parties to help them make the most of their time here, and to enable Erasmus and non-Erasmus students to meet and get to know each other, and make their mobility a less stressful one.

  1. We also organise many socials and cultural events where you can get to know Erasmus and non-Erasmus Students and have fun!

  2. You can also come along to our tandem events whereby you will be paired with an Erasmus student or non-Erasmus student to practice your language.

  3. We will be organising trips within Lithuania and abroad for all the Students.


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If you have more questions regarding joining the Society drop in a message to [email protected]

Section Board:

  • President: Mathew Thomas

  • Vice President: Christian Brand

  • Public Relations coordinator: Greta Vaižgėlaitė

  • Human Recources coordinator: Greta Juškaitytė

  • Leisure Coordinator:  Anais Rougier

  • Projects and Events Manager: Jyothis Jose

  • Marketing Officer: Abhiyaan Kapoor Malhotra

  • Cultural Coordinator: Ilma Manji

  • Social Erasmus Coordinator: Siham Shamsudeen

  • ExchangeAbility Coordinator: Merlin Jose

  • Treasurer: Andy F. Mahfouz

  • Mentor’s Coordinator & Secretary: Elin Viktoria Johansson